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Shanghai Disneyland starting from next year on June 6, adjust the structure of ticket price will launch four tickets

Date: 2019-12-07

Shanghai Disney resort has just been published in the official website, since June 6, 2020, will adjust the structure of Shanghai Disneyland current fare level 3, level 4, new fare structure, respectively: routine day, special routine day, peak day and peak, in particular, the corresponding ticket prices are as follows:

Regular day tickets prices remain unchanged, still is 399 yuan, covers much of the winter and autumn date;

"Special day" conventional spring will cover most of the dates and part of the weekend, ticket price is RMB 499 yuan;

Date of "peak day" will cover most of the summer, parts over the weekend and holidays holiday, ticket price is RMB 599 yuan;

"Special peak day" mainly includes some high traffic legal holidays and its related paid leave or holiday, and some international holiday, the ticket price is RMB 699 yuan.

Since May 6, 2020, the Shanghai Disney resort official platform will provide since June 6, 2020 of the 90 calendar day price, according to the above four fare structure under daily ticket prices.Resort will continue to provide 90 days after rolling calendar price, for tourists query before buying the tickets.

All tickets of Shanghai Disneyland will remain for a given day, can only be used when tickets on the day of the selected date.Children (age of 3 to 11, including the age of 3 and 11;Or height of 1 m to 1.4 m), (65 years old and above) in the elderly and the disabled visitors (must provide disability certificate) when buying tickets will continue to enjoy preferential treatment in about July 5th to fold.Infants and young children (under the age of three or height 1 meter and below) can still be free.

Shanghai Disney resort area, said new 4 class ticket price structure will help more effective management of seasonal passenger flow distribution throughout the year, thus more optimized visitors experience.In the structural adjustment of the price of a ticket, routine day ticket as the base ticket price is RMB 399 yuan, still part of the weekend admission price changed from 575 yuan to 499 yuan, offers visitors a wide range of options, and released from the current 30 days in advance to adjust prices calendar for scrolling, 90 days in advance to facilitate visitors to spend more time planning the trip, and undertake choosing according to their different needs.