Turbocharge multimedia content with one powerful speech-to-text API

Caption, summarize, and analyze podcasts and videos affordably and efficiently with the industry’s best speech-to-text and language understanding APIs.

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Unmatched performance and value

  • Our next-gen speech-to-text models surpass all competitors in speed, accuracy, and cost.

  • Trained to handle background noise, multiple speakers, and cross-talk during podcasts and recorded or live video streaming to give you accurate, readable captioning at a price that can’t be beat.

Know who said what and when

  • Our transcripts come with built-in speaker labels (diarization) and word timings, enhancing readability and streamlining workflows.

  • Smart transcript formatting including automatic punctuation and paragraphs, contextualized entities, alphanumerics, and more.

Real-time results and understanding you can trust

  • Low-latency streaming transcription, long audio file handling, and up to 20x faster caption creation of pre-recorded audio content than alternatives.

  • Language AI models that can create accurate summaries and identify speaker sentiment, topics and intent to facilitate derivative content creation and analytics.

Accurately transcribe, enrich, and understand all your video, podcast, and multimedia content

Studies show that captions significantly increase video engagement. Poor transcription accuracy impedes accessibility and adds friction to content distribution. Our Language AI platform combines natural language understanding (NLU) models and the industry’s best speech-to-text API, trained on extensive real-world multimedia content including podcasts and streaming video, to meet all your transcription needs.

Rich content captioning

Whether for accessibility, usability or compliance, our transcripts are easy to read and super accurate.

SEO and audience expansion

Adding transcripts enables search engines to crawl and index your content, expand your audience, and increase engagement.

Content moderation

Quickly flag sensitive content like profanity and hate speech to ensure audience and brand safety.

Searchability and user experience

Create rich summaries and searchable transcripts that enable your audience to quickly jump to precise moments in specific podcasts and videos of interest.

Streamline workflows

Automate subtitling tasks with the most accurate transcripts in the market that include speaker labels and smart formatting for free.

Content analytics

Use Language AI to analyze sentiment and topics of your programming and see how it correlates with audience engagement.

With Deepgram’s accurate and fast speech-to-text solution, we’re the Google Analytics of podcasts.

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