Power call analytics with unmatched speech-to-text

With our all-in-one speech-to-text and language understanding API, you can turn speech into insights in seconds, affordably and efficiently.

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Unmatched performance and value

  • Our next-gen speech-to-text models surpass all competitors in speed, accuracy, and cost.

  • Trained to handle background noise and cross-talk during calls and meetings as well as unique dialects and accents.

Call insights you can trust

  • Tailored models identify keywords and phrases including jargon, product terms, and acronyms.

  • Speaker labels and smart formatted transcripts with automatic punctuation and paragraphs, contextualized entities, alphanumerics, and more.

From audio to insight in seconds

  • Identify speaker sentiment and intent, extract topics and context, and accurately summarize calls to deliver amazing customer experiences.

  • Extract actionable insights with real-time APIs powered by task/domain-specific language models (DSLMs).

Unlock customer insights at scale with language AI

Poor transcription accuracy leads to subpar speech analytics and lackluster insights. Our Language AI platform combines the industry’s best speech-to-text API and natural language understanding (NLU) models that are trained to understand customer service and sales calls. You can now easily transcribe every interaction and analyze it to drive meaningful improvements.

Call tracking & analytics

Classify calls based on sentiment and keywords/phrases. Generate meaningful KPIs and better understand what matters most.

Quality assurance & compliance

Ensure regulatory compliance and adherence to company policies, standard operating procedures, and agent sales strategies.

Agent assist

Streaming transcription enables live call analytics that enhance agent productivity with real-time guidance, increases positive outcomes, and reduces average handle time.

Agent performance

Drive coaching and deliver insights to frontline supervisors without the need to manually listen to every single call. Identify key moments in calls to better focus agent coaching.

Call driver monitoring

Track caller intent and top call drivers. Understand why customers are calling and make improvements. Identify and mitigate small issues before they become big ones.

Sentiment analysis

Conduct post-call analysis to understand how customers view your products and services. Streaming transcription enables intelligent routing of your most dissatisfied callers to specialists to mitigate churn and repeat calls.

Being able to rely on Deepgram transcription, both on the front and back end of the call is paramount to accurate emotion detection for our Call Center Customers.

No Compromises. Only Opportunities.

What could you do with 90%+ accuracy and real-time 300-milliseconds transcription speed at a fraction of the cost of legacy ASR solutions?

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