Speech-to-text that outshines OpenAI Whisper

When it comes to speech-to-text, avoid shortcuts that lead to dead ends. Deepgram is 36% more accurate, up to 5x faster, and has lower TCO than OpenAI Whisper. Find out why innovators are switching from OpenAI Whisper to the most powerful speech-to-text API. Start building with Deepgram today.

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OpenAI Whisper
OpenAI Whisper
Fully managed by Deepgram
Batch process (1hr of audio)
~230s (large model)
Accuracy (WER)
Diarization (separate per speaker)
Up to 10
Not available
Tailored speech models
Word level timestamps
Deep Search (audio)
Custom Vocabulary (keyword boosting)
Profanity Filter
Numeral Formatting
Pre-recorded per minute
Starting at $0.0043
Starting at $0.0060
Streaming per minute
Starting at $0.0059

What sets Deepgram apart

Innovation Leader in Speech AI

Deepgram's proprietary deep learning models are optimized for speech data and extensively trained on diverse datasets, achieving industry-leading performance for both pre-recorded and streaming transcription.

Custom Model Training

Deepgram supports tailored ASR models optimized with customer-specific data, especially important in industries with domain-specific jargon, accents, or unique speech patterns.

Advanced Feature Support

Deepgram offers extensive multilingual support, advanced formatting features like speaker diarization, smart entity formatting, and filler words, and powerful language understanding models like summarization, sentiment analysis, and topic detection.

The industry leader in ASR accuracy, speed, and cost

Discover what Deepgram's Language AI solutions can do for you! Our speech-to-text APIs set the gold standard in the market in both performance and cost:

  • 36% more accurate than OpenAI Whisper

  • 5 times faster transcription speeds for pre-recorded audio and native streaming support that Whisper lacks

  • 25% more affordable than their managed API

Our flexible deployment options include on-premises, and private or public cloud where our GPU-optimized inference engine handles more concurrent audio streams and gives you faster results and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than running Whisper yourself.

From transcription to understanding

Deepgram's Language AI models let you extract more value from your voice data without hiring additional experts across all your use cases.

  • Our Task/Domain-Specific Language Models perform downstream tasks like summarization and sentiment analysis faster and more affordably than Large Language Models (LLMs) can.

  • In the contact center domain, language understanding APIs boost user experience and agent productivity by capturing crucial conversational context, including the customer's purpose, agent's response, and follow-up actions.

Switching to Deepgram is easy

Getting started with Deepgram is easy with our API Playground, detailed guides, and clear documentation. Go ahead. Take it for a spin and get $200 in free credits.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Deepgram was named a G2 Leader in 2023, solidifying its position in the industry and making it a top choice among developers. See why.

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By choosing our services, you not only gain access to cutting-edge technology that delivers unparalleled high accuracy and high-speed performance but also secure ample room for future growth and scalability.

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